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October 2014
Doug was featured in the YSU STEM college news letter highlighting new faculty at YSU. Read the full article here.
August 2014
We welcome J. J. Mihaly as the first graduate student in the Genna Lab!
December 2014
Doug wins the first ever Genna Lab Ping Pong Roundrobin at the Holiday Party. Check out the new group photo linked here.

We welcome Kacie Carlson, Tyler Pabst, Michael Bellas, and Mariah DeFuria as the first undergraduate student researchers in the Genna Lab!
January 2015
Doug was awarded a Research Professorship Award from the university for the 2015-2016 academic year. 
April 2015
JJ, Mike, and Mariah present their research at YSU Quest. Check out the pictures on the home page.
Update: Congratulations to JJ and Mike.  Their poster won one of two awards from the College of Graduate Studies.  Great job!
May 2015
We welcome Joseph Strozier as the newest undergraduate member of the Genna Lab. 
August 2015
We welcome Marisa DeSanto and Naseem Amirmokhtari as the newest undergraduate members of the Genna Lab. 
September 2015
Tyler wrote an article about his research in the YSU Honors College Magazine 'With Honors'.  Click here to read it.   
January 2016
Alissa Geisse joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. 
Sam Dickson, Bryan Ortiz, Rebeca Eaken, Bailey Varga, and Dante DeChellis join the group as part of the Choose Ohio First Initiative   
November 2015
JJ Presents his work at the Ohio Inorganic Chemistry Weekend
October 2015
Doug presents at Haverford College; the group's first invited lecture. 
December 2015
Joe graduates from YSU with his Bachelor's degree.  Congratulations Joe!
Congratulations to JJ whose paper was accepted to Crystal Growth and Design and was selected as an ACS Editor's Choice feature paper. 
March 2016
Tyler is award an ACS DOC SURF fellowship for summer research.  And is featured in the Jambar.
February 2016
Mariah is awarded a summer internship at Lubrizol. 
Ryan Sullivan and Joe Pallone join the lab as undergraduate researchers
July 2016
Congratulations to JJ Mihaly as he successfully defends his thesis.  We will miss him as he begins his studies at Case Western Reserve.
August 2016
The Genna Lab is now on Twitter!  Check us out @GennaLab
September 2016
Joe Strozier now joins the group as Masters student.  The Genna Lab also welcomes: Alex Isla, Manon Djomani, Bhakti Dixit, Rahul Gupta, Sam Cappelli as undergraduate researchers.
All Group News is now on our Twitter Feed @GennaLab